On 30/05/06, Ovid <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Since it looks like we're really going to have Perl6 within a year or so,
what are the "must have" modules folks will want before they can
consider using Perl6 in production?

I wouldn't say that it's the minimum for the first production version,
but as my 2 cents, i'd like to point out that i was always pissed off
to read about fine modules in the Perl Cookbook and Damian's Best
Practices only to find out that i have to download them from CPAN. My
previous workplace was very anal about installing software from the
web - they hardly let me install ActivePerl - and i'm sure that it's
not the only one. I'm talking about modules such as Tie::IxHash or
Readonly. Rule of thumb: If a module is good enough to be recommended
by an important Perl book, then it should be considered for standard
distribution too.

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