i am new to this list.
i wrote a small web-framework called webtek ( http://max.xaok.org/ webtek ) in perl 5.8 and try now to port this to perl6 (inspired by the speak from juerd at the austrian perl workshop :). but i have some problems:

* how can i serialize objects (like the use Storable qw(freeze thaw) in perl5.8) -> i think this work is not done yet, so how can i inspect classes, something like: for Class.methods -> $method { ... } to build my own Storable logic. * how can i extend an class (like *{"Class::method"} = sub { ... } in perl5.8)

i read the lists and docs and i found some solutions, but none of this worked for me in pugs... hmm..

thank's for your help. max.

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