On 20/06/06, Conrad Schneiker <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I propose to install twiki (http://www.twiki.org/) on Feather. This is
a GPL'd Perl-based industrial-strength wiki. This would serve as the
general Perl 6 wiki, aka Perl++.

The source code would be placed in the Pugs .../other/... subtree for
us to incrementally convert parts of it to Perl 6, and to also
add/change functionality. A perpetual beta version of this would also
be available on Feather. From time to time this beta version would
replace the pervious Perl++ wiki code. In the mean time, we would have
the initial Perl++ wiki.

Before you sent that I registered a project on Source Forge for this,
half-thinking I would want to work on it but also open it up to the
entire community. Reason being that Source Forge has well-established,
robust community project management features already available (I have
another project there that's nearing it's 10,000th download).

If you want a place to keep/hack-on P6 wiki code I'd propose that
http://sourceforge.net/projects/p6wiki be the place. Anyone who wants
can have admin/developer permissions -- just ask.

Feather would still be required to demo/test/run the latest perpetual
beta release. What say you, Conrad?


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