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> I've seen the matter of "autothreading" mentioned in various places,
> usually together with junctions. It seems like a neat idea, thread
> safety concerns notwithstanding. Searching the mailing lists archives,
> i found that there were heated debates about it months ago on
> perl6-language ( http://xrl.us/e77x ).
> What is its status now? Is it/Will it be implemented? Will it be the
> default? Is it still hotly debated?

I don't know, but here's another interesting place (#perl6 IRC search page)
that sometimes turns up additional interesting info (although not much this


FYI, searching on "autothreading" gives:


1523 [14:02] <gaal> what, your shell doesn't have autothreading?

558 [16:52] <stevan> putter: it would almost certainly involve junctive

95 [00:31] <TimToady> autothreading happens <mystical handwaving>
99 [00:33] <LeTo> and autothreading is or course useful, if e.g. you got
some spare CPUs to do it, but how?
107 [00:40] <LeTo> TimToady: I see the future PC having a lot of CPUs (my
shiny new Athlon X2 got 2 already), having just more M^HGhz tendency is
already stopped, the 'autothreading' or whatever parallel construct should
consider this


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