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> On Aug 28, 2006, at 5:23 PM, Juerd wrote:
> > Would you like to host this on feather? That way, it's on an even
> > faster
> > upstream (roughly a factor 260) and you don't need to sacrifice
> > surfing
> > speed for it.
> Thanks.  I don't know what feather is, though.
> I think I'm OK for now.  I'm working with Ask about doing something
> at perl.org in the next week or two.

That would be very excellent. However here's a related idea to consider for
using feather.

IIRC, some part of the Socialtext wiki is open source of some kind. If some
significant part of your Perl 6 workplace wiki is open source, perhaps this
could be made available on feather for anyone who would like to experiment
with converting parts of it (or perhaps just extending parts of it) with
Perl 6 code (including Perl 6 access to Perl 5 code). 

It might be a few more months before Perl 6 is far enough along to really
make this an attractive project to work on, but it might still be useful to
have everything ready to go. It would also give any adventurous souls
something to check out, and perhaps start formulating some suggested
strategies, features, and designs, using the perl.org version of the wiki. 

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Conrad Schneiker

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