On Mon, Aug 28, 2006 at 08:30:33AM -0700, Michael Snoyman wrote:
> I wanted to start working on a module (mainly to learn Perl 6, I doubt
> anyone would ever want to use it).  I want to do this "properly," whatever
> that means.  I was wondering if someone could explain to me:
> 1) How to construct the Makefile.pl
> 2) How exactly to set up and run tests

I wouldn't worry about Makefile.PL that much if my module wasn't meant
to be widely distributed. In practice, we don't even have ready build
tools (like a Perl port of EU::MM / M::B / M::AI). If it does matter to
you, though, look at how modules in ext/ in the Pugs source tree do it.

As for tests, that's much more important :-) What you can benefit
from writing depends on what your module does. If you want primarily
functional tests the Pugs distro is again a very good example. Do use
our Test.pm (if you plan to use Pugs for development). It's very much in
the spirit of the Perl 5 testing tools, but it's in fact arguably easier
to use because all the goodies are in one place.

> I realize that there are lots of modules to look at in the Pugs
> distribution, but as far as I can tell they are meant to be built from
> within the Pugs source tree, and since my code clearly won't be living there
> I'd rather not write it there either.

Then at least read there. Good luck :-)


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