Jeff Stampes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> "My bigger concern with the Perl6 syntax is that they expect humans
> to write it.  This is a similar problem that Forth and Lisp had.
> You see how widely used those are now..."

It will always be difficult to compare Perl X against any other
language. Perl5 and Perl6 look the same from a Lispish point of view.

I would start with the fact that Perl5 *has* very widespread use and
*is* still one of the mainstream languages. Once he accepts that fact,
tell him Perl6 makes things better that are difficult in Perl5.

So try to compare Perl6 with Perl5, not Perl6 with AnyOtherLanguage,
because that's just the same old discussion since Perl's birthday.

Steffen Schwigon <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Dresden Perl Mongers <>

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