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> > I always thought when a role is applied to a class at runtime you
> > get a new (anonymous) subclass. The original class isn't affected.
> Right, that's what usually happens with:
>      my Dog $fido .= new;
>      $fido does Catlike;

Am I missing something here?  That's applying a role to an instance of
a class, not the class itself, and thus *should* create a new anonymous
> To forcefully add a role to a class at a distance during runtime, use
> a class object call (see Moose::Meta::Class for more about these
> APIs):
>      ^Dog.add_role(^Catlike);

That's more of what I was thinking, but where is this documented?  I
can't find it in http://dev.perl.org/perl6/doc/design/syn/S12.html.  I
see it in the Moose docs, but is this in Perl 6?  I thought it was.



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