A few days ago, Larry posted this on Perlmonks

  sub group ([EMAIL PROTECTED] is copy) {
      gather {
          while @array {
              take [   # line 112
                  gather {
                      my $h = shift @array;
                      take $h;
                      while @array and $h eq @array[0] {
                          take shift @array;

I added that to my "99 Problems" code because it worked just fine (I
would swear it did.  I'd be embarrassed if I am misremembering).   Now
I've upgraded Pugs and it fails with:

    Unexpected "["
    expecting bare or pointy block construct, ":", identifier, operator
or "}"
    at 99.pugs line 112, column 18

Line 112 is the first take.  Did something break? If so, I'll add a
test.  Otherwise, what's wrong with this code?  Also, I've been
searching the docs for the exact syntax of 'gather/take' and I can't
find it.  Pointers would be great.

Pugs Version: 6.2.13 (r14911)



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