Hi, all,

If you speak Russian, check out http://www.perl6.ru (in case you
haven't already).

Andrey Shitov works at the famous Art. Lebedev studio in Moscow. He's
the programming guy in a bunch of designers.

His blog about Perl 6 is rarely updated, but when it is, it has a very
interesting info.

Recently he uploaded a nice presentation in PDF format.

If you haven't delved deeply into Perl 6, then this is your chance
(too bad it's only in Russian...)

If you've been following Perl 6 development and saw Larry's and
Audrey's presentations, then you won't see a lot of new things there,
but the presentation is well-done.

It reminds a little of Audrey's style of transforming Perl 5 code to
Perl 6. While not as entertaining, it is very easy to understand.
Amir Elisha Aharoni
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