Aaron Trevena wrote:

> running the example at
> http://svn.pugscode.org/pugs/examples/algorithms/hanoi.pl
> parrot ~/downloads/parrot-0.5.1/languages/perl6/perl6.pbc hanoi.pl
> I get..
> Null PMC access in isa()
> current instr.: 'parrot;Perl6Object;make_proto' pc 55
> (src/gen_builtins.pir:76) called from Sub 'parrot;Bool;onload' pc 378
> (src/gen_builtins.pir:308) called from Sub 'parrot;Perl6::Compiler;main'
> pc -1 ((unknown file):-1)
> Am I doing something wrong?
> Thanks,
> A.
I get this message if I try that outside of the parrot build directory.
Invoked inside the parrot build directory with:
./parrot languages/perl6/perl6.pbc ../pugs/examples/algorithms/hanoi.pl
I get a different error message :-)
No scope found for PAST::Var '@ARGS'
but it works with pugs though

Happy new year


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