**** Pleases direct follow-ups to just perl6-users. ****

It’s been about a month and a half since the first time that I
brought up the topic of fundraising. So I want to find out what
the prospects are of decisively resolving the earmarked funding
issue within The Perl Foundation any time soon. 

Otherwise, I would like to take the initiative to set up a Parrot
Platform Foundation specifically to handle earmarked grants for
Rakudo, the Parrot VM, C6PAN, and any other Perl 6 projects of
interest, such as SMOP. (I want to avoid using Perl in the
Foundation's name, to avoid any confusion with TPF.)

I know that others have differing strong opinions and grand
visions on how they want things to be done. That fine. 

In the mean time, I want to pursue several more modest and
presently-available opportunities for supporting Perl 6
developers, which are presently falling through the cracks.


You know what I want for Christmas. The clock is ticking.

Best regards,
Conrad Schneiker


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