> From: Aaron Trevena [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
> I started the "What can I do with Perl 6 today" wiki page at the start
> of the year, but have been too busy with $paid_work to put much time
> into it since.
> I was hoping anybody who's written perl 6 code and run it with Rakudo
> or pugs could help fill in the gaps - there are a list of common/usual
> programming problems (please add more, for example from the P99 list),
> each requires a solution in perl 6 and a status message of whether it
> runs, errors or is blindingly fast (or make a cup of tea and watch
> some TV slow).
> Any contribution would be helpful - you don't have to benchmark, or
> use the latest version, or you could just add benchmarks to others
> with newer or older versions.


I've reorganized that page somewhat, and added a table of contents. 

I also added some links to current Perl 6 news, so that visitors have 
fallback pending the addition of new material.

Best regards,
Conrad Schneiker


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