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> Sent: Thursday, April 24, 2008 6:55 AM
> In response to the messages on the mailing list regarding Perl 6
> Fundraising
> TPF have been discussing two possible ways to handle donations and fund
> allocations for Perl 6.
> 1. add a new category to the current donation system.
> The new category would be called "Perl 6 Development", or something
> similar. Any donations made in this category will be used specifically
> to fund Perl 6.
> It would also be possible to use the Perl 6 wiki to allow the community
> to identify and prioritise projects that require funding.
> This is a simple solution that uses systems that are already in place.
> It may not be exactly what everyone wants but it would limit the amount
> of overheard required by the developers who need funded.
> 2. build a system as described by Richard Hainsworth in his email sent
> on March 11, with body beginning "Richard Dice covered some crucial
> questions below."
> To do this TPF would need someone from the Perl community to implement
> this system. Once the system is built TPF would handle taking the money
> and giving it to the correct people.
> So, which one is better? The first solution is simple, but is it
> enough?
> Is there someone who is willing to implement the system that Richard
> Hainsworth described?

Well, first of all, thanks much for pursuing this!

Unless someone steps forward in the near future to do #2, I'd opt for
doing #1 in the mean time. 

We could set up a Perl 6 wiki page that contained a master list
of proposed earmark tasks. 

Each item in the main list could contain a few standard sub-items
in this format:

* Earmark: A brief descriptive task name

    * Paragraph-long synopsis of task.

    * Person(s) or Organization

    * Required funding and terms

"Earmark: A brief descriptive task name" would be linked to a an
identically-titled wiki page with more information, including
relevant task-specific admin info.

Such pages would be used for (among other things) tracking donors
and donations. This would be done by designated volunteers, since
we want to make things as easy as possible for developers.

Until #2 is implemented, there is a question of how to handle
cases requiring a minimum donation threshold, since the only
option at present is to donate or not. So for the time being,
there could be a per-donor fallback use for donations made in
such cases, which would be invoked after some pre-specified
period of time.

There are other details to work out, but I first want to see
if something along these lines might be half-way reasonable.

PS: I'm willing to donate $500 towards getting #2 done, which I 
suggest doing by means of making (say) 10 $50 donations by means
of the system at various stages of its implementation, thereby
helping to user-test it with real $ transactions.

Best regards,
Conrad Schneiker


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