Hi there,
I have tried to fix our HTML::Template in November which is blocked by
Rakudo segaful.
I was trying to create simple example, but can`t reproduce it.  By the
way now I have short
example(much shorter then when I start), and I have questions about it:

grammar G {
    token TOP { ^ <foo>+ $ };
    token foo { ':' <bar>?  };
    token bar { \w };

":a:b" ~~ G::TOP;

say ~$/<foo><bar>; #:a

# why ':a'? why not just 'a'?

for $/<foo> -> $c {
    say ~$c<bar>; #1\n1
    # look like $c<bar> array here

When I remove '?' in foo token:

say ~$/<foo><bar>; #:a

# still

for $/<foo> -> $c {
    say ~$c<bar>; #a\nb
    # '?' change match object data structure? Looks very strange for
my, but mb I just missed something in spec.

Segaful was occurred when we use something like that:
for $/<foo> -> $c {

baz ($str) {
    my $lstr = $str.lc;
    return 'Something' if $lstr eq 'none'; # segaful there, but it do
not reproduce on that simple code, I will dig and mb found additional
data about.

If someone interesting to see real code with segaful, look at

Thank you!

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