PM> if the rule is called correctly it appears to work fine:
PM> if 'foo' ~~ /<Bar::bar>/

So, I try to use that way:

grammar G {
    token TOP { ^ <foo>+ $ };
    token foo { ':' <bar>? };
    token bar { \w };

":a:b:c" ~~ /<G::TOP>/;

say $/;
say $/<foo>; #Use of uninitialized value
say $_<bar> for $/<foo>; # Use of uninitialized value


Now we use wrong ":a:b:c" ~~ G::TOP; and it is works for us in
November and works properly with my example.
But when we use it inheritance an some other stuff do not work.
We have old Rakudo-comments:
# RAKUDO: when #58676 will be resolved use:
# $in ~~ HTML::Template::Grammar.new;

So, what syntax is right?

Thank you!


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