as this is relevant to you as well, let me send this announcement here too.

Yesterday we have released v0.22 of Padre the Perl IDE written in Perl 5.

There are many changes as usual but the two important ones for the Parrot/Perl 6
developers are related mostly to two plug-ins of Padre:

1) The Padre::Plugin::Parrot allows the embedding of PASM code in
Padre. This means
    you could actually add plug-ins to Padre written in Perl. With the
further enhancement
    of Parrot::Embed (and specifically Parrot::Interpreter) we will be
able to write plug-ins
    to Padre in any of the languages running on Parrot. (See tickets
#74, #75, #76, #79)
    on https://trac.parrot.org/parrot/report/1

2) Padre::Plugin::Perl6, written by Ahmad Zawawi uses STD.pm to provide slow but
     correct syntax highlighting and syntax checking of Perl 6code.
    As we have discussed on #padre it is very slow so it can only be
used for really small
    files but I hope it will be improved soon. In any case I am really
happy that we have
    any kind of *correct* Perl 6 parsing on Christmas Eve 2008.

To install Padre you need Perl 5 compiled with threads and then run

cpan> install Padre

Further help can be found on http://padre.perlide.org/wiki/Download/
or on #padre

Following is the original announcement of Steffen Mueller.


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From: Steffen Mueller <smuel...@cpan.org>
Date: Tue, Dec 23, 2008 at 9:08 PM
Subject: [Padre-dev] Padre 0.22 released!
To: Padre development discussion list <padre-...@perlide.org>,

Dear Padre users and developers,

Padre version 0.22 has just been uploaded to the PAUSE. That means it
will propagate to the CPAN mirrors without a few hours. Like the
previous release, the list of changes is quite long, but one particular
achievement is support for highlighting Perl6 code and checking its
syntax if Padre::Plugin::Perl6 is available. Christmas is close.

Once the distribution has reached your CPAN mirror, you will be able to
access the full Change Log at

The next Padre release is very preliminarily scheduled for December 28th
or 29th and we're still looking for a new release engineer.

Best regards,

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