Em Sex, 2009-01-02 às 08:34 -0300, Daniel Ruoso escreveu:
>   token routine_def:<coro> {...}

Actually, I was just looking at STD, and the correct token would be

  token routine_declarator:coro { <sym> <routine_def> }

I was also looking at the spec files, and I realized that DRAFT S17
mentions coroutines, but its definition is a bit different then the one
I suggested, and the example poses a good reason:

  coro dbl { yield $_ * 2; yield $_; };
  (1..4).map:{ dbl($_) }
  # should result in 2 2 6 4

This example suggests that it will not install an alias in the caller
scope, but the code object itself stores its state.

The other difference is that falling out of a coro makes it restart
immediatly without returning any value (this one is a bit weird, I'd
expect it to return the last statement on the routine as well).

But one way or another yield (yes, I wrote it wrong in the previous
post) is still implemented as a control exception that is caught by the
implicit CONTROL block of the coro.


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