Of course whenever I post to this list I make some sort of mistake, like including a test version that does not parse in perl6. Hopefully, I have eliminated all the mistakes.

The following is a revised version due to Carl Masak.
The problem and model perl5 solution by Jan Dubois (a member of the core Perl5-Porters group) can be found at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/scriptcenter/funzone/games/solutions08/experlsol02.mspx

The model perl5 script is:

use 5.010;
use strict;
use warnings;
use List::Util qw(sum);

my %score;
open(my $fh, "<", "C:/Scripts/skaters.txt") or die;
while (<$fh>) {
   my($skater, @scores) = split /,/;
   @scores = (sort {$a <=> $b} @scores)[1..5];
   $score{$skater} = sum(@scores) / 5;

my @ranking = sort {$score{$a} <=> $score{$b}} keys %score;
foreach my $metal (qw(Gold Silver Bronze)) {
   my $skater = pop @ranking;
   say "$metal medal: $skater, $score{$skater}";
#17 lines of code

Revised perl6 solution using same approach and algorithm is

use v6;
my %players;
my $scores = open('./skaters.txt', :r) or die $!;

for =$scores {
   my ($name,@list) = .split: /\,/;
   %players{$name} = ([+] @list.sort[2..6]) / 5

my @ranking = %players.sort: { .value };
for <Gold Silver Bronze> -> $m {
   say @ranking.pop.fmt("$m Medal: %s, %s")
# 11 lines; viz. (11/17 - 1) = 35% reduction in code lines

Note differences with perl5:
a) use of [+] with array, replaces need to import sum from separate module
b) .sort .pop and .fmt as methods on objects
c) $scores as a filehandle
d) use of ':', in this code '.sort: {.value}' can be replaced by '.sort({.value})'
or '.split: / \, /' with '.split(/ \, /)'
e) use of / \, / as a naked regex

Attachment: skaters.pl
Description: Perl program

Janko Cajhen,84,80,61,81,71,62,76
Ryan Calafato,59,93,93,80,67,73,95
Iulian Calinov,56,70,76,93,79,83,58
Geert Camelbeke,97,61,55,73,70,92,63
David Campbell,87,66,62,73,76,91,91
John III Campbell,93,51,61,55,84,99,91
Chris Cannon,60,79,73,63,51,60,61
Jon Cantrell,59,64,99,66,73,52,65
Jun Cao,64,80,83,65,57,82,97
Anthony Cappiello-Guy,89,74,56,58,51,79,84
Cyril Carbonati,97,57,77,90,78,64,58
Richard Carey,80,78,55,88,54,91,95
Jason Carlson,93,68,79,73,91,88,60
Ty  Carlson,60,84,77,73,84,50,65
Fernando Caro,58,97,56,79,74,52,53
Rob Caron,85,54,51,59,99,80,89
Andy Carothers,89,88,93,64,95,51,81
Chase Carpenter,94,93,58,92,94,86,60
Matthew Carroll,75,67,52,85,60,80,57
Adam Carter,62,75,72,55,86,60,60
Carlos Carvallo,87,95,56,84,52,83,79
Rob Cason,97,71,97,57,51,69,83
Gitte Casparij,54,89,99,55,51,62,79
Joao Casqueiro,93,50,75,84,57,52,80
Giorgio Cavaglieri,82,63,61,80,88,78,58
Matt Cavallari,53,54,52,57,66,73,80
Luisa Cazzaniga,96,71,71,87,77,59,50
Andrew Cencini,75,52,83,80,63,51,96
Baris Cetinok,86,77,91,50,84,84,71
Sean Chai,71,64,73,85,62,81,61
Gareth Chan,84,51,87,75,72,66,84
Greg Chapman,81,53,88,78,83,80,91
Mathew Charles,57,58,79,80,89,86,67
Sootha Charncherngkha,96,60,92,98,66,66,56
Neil Charney,87,82,83,81,86,71,64
Mohammad Chami,95,74,99,86,51,54,57
Ankur Chavda,99,53,81,60,96,92,80
Francisco Chaves,99,91,55,68,79,62,61
Hao Chen,99,86,62,84,63,77,59
Jacky Chen,76,62,66,92,80,50,95
John Y. Chen,62,59,82,52,76,82,57
Yao-Qiang Cheng,69,72,87,57,58,67,77
Jeff Chia,72,74,89,56,76,95,89
Lee Theng Chia,79,59,60,60,59,64,99
Martin Chisholm,93,91,79,92,64,80,83
Michal Chmiela,86,78,51,66,89,74,56
Manish Chopra,58,78,55,60,73,84,77
Ray Chow,90,78,64,91,62,61,88
Terri Chudzik,88,54,91,95,69,95,55
Bjarke Rust Christensen,99,91,88,59,81,54,97
Nicholas Christopoulos,93,54,50,64,85,73,83
Ranjit Varkey Chudukatil,55,50,79,80,85,54,59
Guido Chuffart,67,57,88,97,97,96,93
Petra Chvojková,64,71,78,57,70,69,85
Alice Ciccu,88,64,56,80,95,88,72
Ewa Ciesielska,54,57,77,84,89,51,99
Molly Clark,82,95,69,69,69,77,90
Leah Clelland,66,85,65,89,55,81,55
Christian Cletus,84,78,96,80,51,86,96
Mark-Stuart Cochrane,51,98,59,99,63,70,72
Pat Coleman,81,53,99,77,58,90,96
Jean-Charles Colon,64,72,62,93,88,89,87
Craig M. Combel,92,77,57,64,80,55,55
Aaron Con,70,61,63,98,72,99,79
Steve Conn,77,59,99,68,83,74,87
Peter Connelly,97,81,80,68,68,95,82
Cathan Cook,95,71,90,70,94,60,72
Kevin Cook,60,58,52,94,91,62,97
Patrick M. Cook,57,63,59,70,87,54,75
Jeroen Cool,77,86,58,91,68,84,65
Kenneth Cools,71,90,71,60,91,87,87
Jim Corbin,86,91,76,99,55,85,60
Michel Cordani,97,62,65,68,60,85,62
Cecilia Cornejo,65,94,96,85,54,96,87
Eva Corets,99,59,86,85,73,59,86
Ryan Cornelsen,57,69,83,65,82,92,96
Robin Counts,71,59,56,50,68,66,67
Brian Cox,89,62,67,64,75,78,93
Oliver Cox,63,64,97,56,51,80,95
Ovidiu V. Cr?ciun,63,82,50,96,85,83,92
Jack Creasey,92,91,96,81,74,81,84
Armin Cremerius-Günther,96,96,60,64,67,59,83
Ioan Crisiarcu,98,70,54,88,90,59,87
María Jesús Cuesta,92,54,64,85,98,59,96
Grant Culbertson,72,94,92,69,51,68,54
Scott Culp,58,76,51,62,56,74,71
Gonçalo Cunha,93,64,88,80,99,61,77
Conor Cunningham,92,62,50,59,82,56,85
Shiraz Cupala,87,68,88,93,50,91,71
Douglas Curran,80,80,51,56,79,86,93
Pawel Czernek,72,84,84,99,70,72,64
Wojciech Czupta,89,53,96,81,63,65,85

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