On Tue, 2009-24-03 at 14:17 +0000, Ross Kendall wrote:
> I was thinking that a logo doesn't really need to incorporate a symbol
> (e.g. camel, onion etc.), and that one of the more important aspects of
> a logo is the typography.
> Rather than ramble on with ideas, I decided to make something to look at:
> http://www.rakudo.org/some-rakudo-logo-ideas

I like 4.

> Also, I really think the services of a professional designer are
> needed.  Is there any possibility of some funds being allocated to hire
> one? (Who did the Parrot logo?)

I had to look for the parrot logo 


Perhaps you could append a parrot logo the same height as the tree to
your logo version 4 ?  ... and the perl6 symbol would be the tree ?


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