> But IMHO there is a need for three logos:
> 1. Combined Parrot + Rakudo

> (Parrot with speech bubbles in favicon halo)++
> 2. Rakudo
> Camelia++
> 3. "Perl6 = the test suite"
> The current plan is that Perl6 will not have a single implementation but
> that the test suite is shared by implementations. I think there is a need
> for a "Perl6 = test suite" device - ideally it should be possible to
> visually incorporate it with the implementation logos (e.g., Camelia, Pugs,
> SMOP etc) - this means it should be graphically *very* simple.
> This sub-device could capture the distinctiveness of Perl6. Ideas include:

So iconically speaking the test suite [demarcates] Perl6 - but there can be
lots of different implementations (whatever *)  - [*] - here is a basic mock

"Perl6 = Test Suite" logo:

       http://t10.com/perl6-test.jpg (basic mock up)

Which could be incorporated into Camelia like:

       http://t10.com/perl6-camelia.png (mock up)

And Parrot could speak Rakudo (Camelia):


As you will see Camelia needs the skillz of a graphic designer to make sure
it still works even when rendered at 16x16 as a tiny favicon - but I think
you could visually bind the three things together: Perl6 test suite +
Rakudo/Camelia + Parrot.

Just some ideas ....


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