Joshua Gatcomb wrote:
I think you are confusing profiling with benchmarking.  Profiling
helps you identify where a problem is.  Benchmarking helps you compare
two different versions of the same routine.

Whatever. I have a series of programs that test the speed of various aspects of the language and these programs are useful for finding the places where the most gains are to be found. Picking at one word does not alter the value of these programs versus writing a practical application like you suggested.

Only true profiling will find it but if I can show 30
programs where Rakudo consistently performs 3 to 5 times slower than
perl 5 and one program that is 30 times slower - which one do you
think @Patrick will be interested in?

I look forward to seeing your profiling code.

The approach I am looking at looks at a wider
cross section of the language where you would expect things to even

I look forward to seeing your code.


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