Tom Christiansen writes:

> Larry wrote:
> > But we're trying very hard to get rid of most such special cases in
> > Perl 6.  Usually we can get the recommended Perl 6 code to just DWYM
> > as a fallout of the general semantics,
> Oh.  You mean like for directories containing a file whose name is the
> 1-char string, "0", and that file pre-emptively terminating a readdir
> loop the way it used to.

I can't find it in the spec (link anybody?) but I'd expect the return
value to be something which stringifies to "0" but boolifies to false,
meaning it won't terminate the loop.

That way we get the intuitive behaviour, but don't need a special case.
And the general mechanism used to make this work is something available
for all Perl programs to take advantage of, not an exception that
requires baking into the core language internals.


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