Minimiscience wrote:
> I tried to find the answers to these in the Synopses, but I couldn't.   
> Plan B is to ask the mailing list.
>   - What does the "first" method/subroutine return when no elements of  
> the list match?  Does it return the empty list?  Does the return value  
> count as undefined/failure?

I guess it will return a Nil, which is the empty list in list context,
and undef in item context.

>   - How does one get/set the number/size of elements in a Buf object?

Since it's a mutable container, I'd speculate that you'd just use it
numeric context. Or call the .elems method. But that need speccing.

>   - Exactly what happens if & when a call to open() fails?  Is an  
> exception thrown, and, if so, how does one catch it?

it fail()s (ie returns an unthrown exception)


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