Rene (>):
> I just started trying out perl6 (have been using perl5 for a decade now).

Cool! Welcome -- we're a motley bunch of ants, but somehow we manage
to cooperate (sort of) to haul food toward the nest (on average). :)

By the way, try the #perl6 channel on freenode, if you haven't
already. It's very friendly.

> Is there something like a usuable CPAN for perl6?


The two projects I know of that might be worth knowing about are proto
and Plumage. The former knows about virtually all Perl 6 projects out
there, but isn't for keeps. The latter targets all of Parrot, and is
actually built to be more than a stop-gap solution.


> Any database API like DBI?

You might want to check out Squerl. It's no DBI, but I expect that
people will be able to do non-trivial things with it.


If you find it's not enough for your needs, please let us know.

// Carl

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