I recently got interested in Perl 6, installed Parrot 2.0.0 and Rakudo
2010-01. Running the code works fine:

$ cat hello.pl 
say "Hello, world!"
$ parrot /usr/lib/parrot/2.0.0/languages/perl6/perl6.pbc hello.pl
Hello, world!

However, compiling the code for later use makes problems:

$ perl6 --target=pir hello.pl > hello.pir
$ parrot /usr/lib/parrot/2.0.0/languages/perl6/perl6.pbc hello.pir
Confused at line 2, near "\"perl6\"\n\n."
in Main (file <unknown>, line <unknown>)

I tried to ask for help on #perl6 on freenode, and the following seems
to work with rakudo compiled with --gen-parrot. Is this some known case
of separately used Parrot? Am I doing something wrong?

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