I dont think the specification regarding 'reverse' has ever changed.

'flip' has more uses than just for strings. For example, it flips the key/value in a pair. Hence,

my %h = <a b c d> Z 1,2,3,4; # a neat way of specifying a hash in terms of two lists say (map { .flip }, %h).perl; # the .perl gives you more information about the structure of the result.
# ("3\tc", "1\ta", "2\tb", "4\td")

On 06/18/2010 09:36 AM, Hongwen Qiu wrote:
于 2010年06月18日 13:32, Xi Yang 写道:
Thanks!So the API has changed permanently?
I think so. The "reverse" is for arrays, and "flip" is for Strings.

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