While writing neutro (a working module installer, while waiting for
proto/pls, see [1]), and wandering around modules listed on
proto.perl6.org, I started wondering about a universal way to handle
installing them. For now, there are a few different approaches:

  - some modules just supply a lib/ (and sometimes t/) directories
  - some supply a makefile
  - some give Configure.pl and Makefile.in

I'm thinking if there's some one, right way [tm] to do stuff, and if
maybe it should be specified. I'm personally for the first approach.
It does not have any external dependencies, and the only needed things
is handling module files and tests. But I started wondering, is this
everything? Besides dependencies (deps.proto seems fine to me) is
anything else actually needed? Could we specify some one, right way, to
prepare modules and to install them?

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