there is a big gap between 'i wrote snippets' to 'i wrote modules'. How about 'i have written programs to solve real problems' ?

How about a question on involvement in the perl6 development process, so as to see how many people are following the process passively, and how many are contributing in some way.

How about a question concerning respondents perceptions of perl6 as a language they would like to use, or something comparing the language with othr languages.

If these are in line with the aim of the survey and you want, I could write the questions and provide possible graded answers.


On 12/29/2010 10:02 AM, Gabor Szabo wrote:

I am preparing a survey of the Perl Ecosystem which will take the TPF
survey and extend it.
We will have questions about usage of Perl 5 and we think there should
be also questions
about Perl 6.
So far I came up with only one:

How much Perl 6 do you know ?
      - none
      - I read some of the docs and wrote small snippets of code
      - I wrote module(s)
      - I use it in production environment

I'd be happy to get your input on how else would you put this question or
what possible other answers you would allow.

If you have other ideas what you would like to ask the greater
Perl Ecosystem please let me know that too.


Gabor Szabo           
Perl Ecosystem Group

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