Hi everyone,

For the past two weeks, I have been working on a Pygments syntax
hilighter for Perl 6.  It has finally reached a state where I feel
it is ready to be tested by the community!  If you have some Perl 6
code and some spare time, please test it out.  The code is located here:


There are a few known issues right now, but I don't consider them
significant enough to deter this announcement.  Here they are:

  * Lines like 'regex special_variable:sym<{ }>' (ones containing an
    opening brace before the opening braces that signifies the start of
    the regex/method) don't match properly.
  * Some operators (like eq) are not parsed as operators.
  * Parameters to a token (ex. token something(@params)) are not
    correctly hilighted.
  * Adding/subtracting to/from character classes (ex. <[...] + [...]>)
    is not yet correctly hilighted.
  * role q { ... } is hilighted as a keyword and a string literal.

In addition to fixing these, I intend to implement the following

  * Better type detection.  Right now, a file is identified as Perl 6
    if the shebang line matches 'perl6', or if 'use v6' is found.  This
    can be improved.
  * Speed improvement.  I haven't put any time into optimization, and
    this can likely be improved.

If you find any bugs, or better yet, if you have any improvements to
submit, please let me know!


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