A difficult bug in a program led to the problem below. I am not sure if it is a bug in rakudo or not, but it seems a nasty place for typos if it ain't.

I was using pair notation to define a hash. I missed a comma on the end of one of the pairs, which led to the next pair not being recognised.

I then introduced the => for defining the hash and the same mistake was caught. Note that in running the script the second mistake is caught (viz. using =>) but the first mistake (using :xx() ) is not.

$ perl6 -v
This is perl6 version 2013.09 built on parrot 5.5.0 revision 0
$ cat test.p6
use v6;

my %x = (

my %y = (
a => 1,
b => 2
c => 3
$ perl6 test.p6
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling test.p6
Two terms in a row
at test.p6:12
------> ⏏c => 3
expecting any of:
infix stopper
infix or meta-infix
statement end
statement modifier
statement modifier loop

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