i would like to spend some time on perl6 during the next french perl
workshop http://journeesperl.fr/fpw2014/event/1567.

my "excuses" to write perl6 code are called   

* a marc::mir port (which is about writting bindings for JVM and/or
  moarVM), a set of helpers to process MARC library records.
* s-exml (which is about writting a grammar in perl6 or NQP),
  a s-expression based dialect to generate xml:

    (body :lang(fr) :editable
        (div :class(abstract important) s-expr is way more readable and
        editable than xml and more saner than a builder based on nested
        datastructures because 
                (li i can compile and collapse the structure as the
                longest string as possible)
                (li this dialect is even more readable than the
                equivalent perl6 datastructure)
                (li parentheses are at the right place: it is soooo easy
                to edit it with a decent editor ('vi for example) )
                (li this is (a :href(http://acmeism.org/) acmeic), i
                really think it's important for a template system) 

want to help for one of this projets? have your own one in perl6? please
tell me: we'll hack together.  


Marc Chantreux (eiro on github and freenode)
"Don't believe everything you read on the Internet"
    -- Abraham Lincoln

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