On 08/10/2014 12:21 AM, t...@wakelift.de wrote:
> Something that does surprise me is that your tests seem to imply that :p
> for subparse doesn't work. I'll look into that, because I believe it
> ought to be implemented already. Perhaps not properly hooked up, though.

On #perl6 I got corrected quite quickly: subparse is anchored to the
start and end of the target string, so :pos doesn't make sense. In this
case, you want just .parse

Another thing is that if lines() does keep all data around, it should be
considered a bug, as we should be able to infer that we don't keep the
list itself around and thus won't be able to refer to its previous
values later on. Thus, we should free the memory for the earlier lines
in the target string after the loop is done with them.

I have not yet tested, if this is the case, though.

Hope that clears up a bit of potential confusion before it can arise
  - Timo

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