I was trying to wrap GDBM and was having problems with

typedef struct {
        char *dptr;
        int   dsize;
      } datum;

>From /usr/include/gdbm.h (on Debianish system)

Since I don't seem to able to pass this sort of structure as

use v6;
use NativeCall;

constant LIB = "libgdbm";

class MyPointer is repr('CPointer') {
    has Str $.s;

class Datum is repr("CStruct") {
    has MyPointer $.p;
    has int      $.s;

sub gdbm_open(Str $name, Int $block_size, Int $flags, Int $mode, Str
$fatal_func) returns OpaquePointer is native(LIB)  { ... }

sub gdbm_store(OpaquePointer $dbf, Datum $key, Datum $content, int
$flag) returns Int is native(LIB)  { ... }

my $dbf = gdbm_open('foo.dat', 512, 2, 0o755, "");

my $key = Datum.new(:p(MyPointer(:s("foo")),:s(3));
my $val = $key;

my $ret = gdbm_store($dbf, $key, $val, 0);

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