My new object needs some methods run during construction.  How can I
do that without defining my own "new" method?

I think something like this is supposed to work:

class Geo::Ellipsoid;
has $.ellipsoid      is rw = 'WGS84';  # this needs more processing
whether user-entered or default
has $.units          is rw = 'radians';
# ... more attributes

# I can either us this (or submethod BUILD) # don't really yet
understand the difference
method BUILDALL {
  # but how do I get access to the class's attributes to manipulate?
  # more methods used to initialize...

method set_ellipsoid($ell) {
  self.ellipsoid = $ell;
  # process further...

So, the question is: how do I get access to the class attributes and
methods inside BUILDALL (or BUILD)?  Do I have to explicitly pass
values in its arg signature, including $self?

Many thanks.

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