rakudo-star-2015.03, Fedora 21 x86_64

It is possible to build and run MoarVM on systems that prohibit executable stacks? I have executable stacks and executable heaps turned off for security reasons on my web servers. Here's what happens when I try to build Rakudo Star:

$ perl Configure.pl --backend=moar --gen-moar
[... lots of output ...]
Building NQP ...
/usr/bin/perl Configure.pl --prefix=/home/markmont/rakudo/rakudo-star-2015.03/install --backends=moar --make-install /home/markmont/rakudo/rakudo-star-2015.03/install/bin/moar: error while loading shared libraries: libmoar.so: cannot enable executable stack as shared object requires: Permission denied

No suitable MoarVM (moar executable) found using the --prefix
(You can get a MoarVM built automatically with --gen-moar.)

Command failed (status 32512): /usr/bin/perl Configure.pl --prefix=/home/markmont/rakudo/rakudo-star-2015.03/install --backends=moar --make-install

Hacking MoarVM/Configure.pl to turn off JIT doesn't help, the same problem still occurs. However, everything works fine if I undo the lockdown to permit executable heaps/stacks, relocatable text segments, and unconfined users.

Parrot formerly worked fine on these systems.

Is there any way to use MoarVM without needing executable stacks or executable heaps, so that it functions purely as a bytecode interpreter?

  Mark Montague

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