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> Unfortunately, I cannot attend the upcoming YAPC::NA in June.
> Does anyone know of any upcoming public tech meetings or conferences
> to be held in the southeast or mid-Atlantic US where there might be a
> Perl 6 dev presence?

Hi Tom!

Atlanta.PM meets on the first Thursday of each month, at the topmost point of 
the I-285 perimeter.
We are version 3.0 of the group, active since 2006.

On June 4th (Thursday), Atlanta.PM will preview my YAPC::NA::2015 talk:
                Stop Panicking! Perl 6 is just like Perl 5 (where it counts).
I am the author of a Perl 5-to-6 translator, and of many Perl 6 solutions on 

After the meeting each month, the group adjourns to a local restaurant, for 
supper and less-formal discussions.
(In fact, we are there right now!)
I usually fail, at least once during each meal, at my efforts to withhold from 
commenting on "how you would do that in Perl 6".

Also, at the first meeting after YAPC::NA each year, those of us who attended 
present a “Highlights from YAPC” talk.

By the way, I live in Auburn/Opelika, which is directly on the route from 
Niceville to Atlanta.

We hope that you will come see us!

Hope this helps,
Bruce Gray (Util of PerlMonks)

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