Newbie programmer...
Looking for a little help installing Inline::Perl5 on a Windows 7

Perl6 -v
This is perl6 version 2015.03 built on MoarVM version 2015.03

I'm getting the following error::

 I tired installing using the command  "panda install Inline::Perl5"  and
panda  install c:\inline-perl5-master

Get the same error below

C:\rakudo\bin>panda  install c:\inline-perl5-master
==> Installing Inline::Perl5 from a local directory 'c:\inline-perl5-master'
==> Inline::Perl5 depends on LibraryMake
==> Fetching LibraryMake
==> Building LibraryMake
Compiling lib\LibraryMake.pm6 to mbc
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling lib\LibraryMake.pm6
Undeclared routine:
    unit used at line 2. Did you mean 'uniq'?
build stage failed for LibraryMake: Failed building lib\LibraryMake.pm6
  in method install at C:\rakudo/languages/perl6/lib/
  in block  at C:\rakudo/languages/perl6/lib/
  in method resolve at C:\rakudo/languages/perl6/lib/
  in sub MAIN at C:\rakudo\bin\panda:20
  in sub MAIN at C:\rakudo\bin\panda:18
  in block <unit> at C:\rakudo\bin\panda:77

Failure Summary
        *build stage failed for LibraryMake: Failed building

Thank you

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