Hi, you might use this:

say $*DISTRO.cur-sep
rakudo-moar 228168: OUTPUT«,␤»

Am 08.06.2015 um 21:17 schrieb Brandon Allbery:
> On Mon, Jun 8, 2015 at 3:09 PM, Fields, Christopher J
> <cjfie...@illinois.edu <mailto:cjfie...@illinois.edu>> wrote:
>     I had the same problem recently, tied to the revised path names
>     (e.g. the ‘file#’ prefix).  Any reason for the change?  Kinda
>     caught me by surprise.
> It's so that there can be things that are not directories of files
> that can be sources of modules (think: database, or a custom object
> that can look up modules somewhere else and import them from there).
> IIRC the colon separator was replaced with a semicolon?
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