I am having a problem installing my BSON package with panda locally. It fails when it compiles the files to moarvm using perl6 version 2015.05-186-g15c6fbf built on MoarVM version 2015.05-74-gc14339c.

$ panda install .

==> Installing BSON from a local directory '.'
==> Fetching BSON
==> Building BSON
Compiling lib/BSON/ObjectId.pm to mbc with /home/marcel/Software/lib/perl6/bin/perl6 Compiling lib/BSON/Regex.pm to mbc with /home/marcel/Software/lib/perl6/bin/perl6 Compiling lib/BSON/Javascript.pm to mbc with /home/marcel/Software/lib/perl6/bin/perl6 Compiling lib/BSON/Binary.pm to mbc with /home/marcel/Software/lib/perl6/bin/perl6
Compiling lib/BSON.pm to mbc with /home/marcel/Software/lib/perl6/bin/perl6
Missing or wrong version of dependency '$et' (from 'lib/BSON/Binary.pm')
==> Test report submitted as: http://testers.perl6.org/reports/</html>.html
build stage failed for BSON: Failed building lib/BSON.pm
  in method install at lib/Panda.pm:128
  in method resolve at lib/Panda.pm:214
  in sub MAIN at /home/marcel/Software/lib/perl6/bin/panda:20
  in block <unit> at /home/marcel/Software/lib/perl6/bin/panda:87

Failure Summary
        *build stage failed for BSON: Failed building lib/BSON.pm

I've inserted a few lines in the panda Builder.pm to see the command it is using. Then I've repeated that command myself (Created a directory Blib/lib for it) and perl6 runs it without a failure. So, what happens above????

$ /home/marcel/Software/lib/perl6/bin/perl6 --target=mbc --output=blib/lib/BSON.pm.moarvm lib/BSON.pm

I can't see what I can do to remedy this.
I've upgraded perl6 to version 2015.05-202-g9b1e856 built on MoarVM version 2015.05-79-g458940f. Also I use the latest panda version


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