In an earlier thread of mine on this list seeking help, Liz mentioned
one string method that has now been dcoumented, 'substr-rw', which
allows in-place modification of a string variable.

In my journey with Perl 6 I have enjoyed the string 'trim' method so I
can do this:

  my $s = '   blah ';
  $s = $s.trim;
  say $s; # 'blah'

Using 'substr-rw' as precedent, I am proposing a similar set of
methods for 'trim' so that I can do this:

  my $s = '  blah ';
  say $s; # 'blah';

(and similarly for 'trim-leading-rw' and 'trim-trailing-rw').

If there is no objection, I would like to add a feature request but
where to do it?  The immediate place I thought of is the Rakudo git
site but isn't this more of a language feature?

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