On 08/14/2015 12:04 PM, Matija Papec wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for single threaded coroutines in perl6. Will hyper/race make 
> them possible?
> Will 2015 production Rakudo include async IO?
> Right now I'm considering golang for scalable websocket service, but also 
> wonder if perl6 would
> (and how) make such thing possible.
> ps. I would very much appreciate existing articles on this topic. TIA
Hi Matija,

hyper and race are explicitly for spreading computation across threads.
Perhaps you confused that with gather/take, which is a pretty good first
approximation for coroutines.

Rakudo already includes async IO on both the jvm and moarvm backends,
but there's more functions and classes we're still looking to build in
the future.

Maybe these slides'll be interesting to you for async stuff, but it
doesn't have much async I/O in them:

if you have any more questions, feel free to also visit us on the IRC:
#perl6 on freenode

  - Timo

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