Happy holidays with v6.c

I am blushed to find my name is in the list, both in English and 漢字.

I am only beginning to unwrap the present and have fun.

Anyway, is there a plan to support hexadecimal floating point support?

% perl6 -e 'say 0x1.921fb54442d18p+1'
===SORRY!=== Error while compiling -e
Malformed postfix call
at -e:1
------> say 0x1.⏏921fb54442d18p+1

FYI Perl5 has started supporting since 5.22.

% perl -E 'say 0x1.921fb54442d18p+1’

Since pack() is still experimental and unpack() lacks floating point number 
support, it would be even more useful for perl6...

Dan the Perl6 Newbie

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