While running simple tests with essentially empty Perl6 programs, I
noticed some odd variations in run timing. Occasionally, when a test
was repeated, it would take something like 3 times as long as the
previous run.

Using the "time" command confirmed the phenomenon, but showed no
patterns I could detect in repetition, particular test, or anything
else. I was initially looking at Linux' caching as a cause, but that
didn't seem to be a factor.

Has anyone else noticed this, and/or found a cause? (The following
tests happened not to vary much. I repeated them with previous
command-line recall when I had the anomalous results.)

E.g. $ cat null.p6
#! /home/guru/bin/perl6
# End program Last changed: 2016-01-01 16:30:32

$perl6 null.p6
$perl6 -e ""

1. real    0m0.313s user    0m0.240s sys     0m0.050s
2. real    0m0.325s user    0m0.220s sys     0m0.070s
3. real    0m0.317s user    0m0.260s sys     0m0.030s

No significant difference there, but occasionally, "real" would jump
to > 1 second

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