On 05/01/16 17:07, Yonghua Peng wrote:
I have learned perl from the book "learning perl", learned python from the book "learning python". both them are excellent. So I think there should be a similar book existing for this purpose. Thanks.

we are in on the ground floor with Perl6, the books have yet to be written, it will be early adopters like us that write them, who knows could be you :D

On 2016/1/5 星期二 12:38, Jonathan Scott Duff wrote:
If, by "regular book", you mean "bound paper sheafs with ink on them",
then the answer is currently "no".   Is there something wrong with the
documentation online? (besides there not being enough of it :)


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    Is there a regular book, rather than the documentation online, for
    learning perl6?



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