On 2016-01-14 06:39, ToddAndMargo wrote:

I was on the IRC a few days back.  I am a little bit unsure of
what and how to use it.  Seems like a bunch of one line questions
and answers.

It is. but the turn-around time is very low and the reply quality is very high. Also, you'll use nopaste for any code questions.

My biggest problem with that channel is, that it's a mixed bag of implementation discussions, toolchain problems, and what I'm looking for, how to use Perl 6 questions. So I thought a new #perl6-users would be nice, but I think they decided to add two channels for the former two, #moarvm and #perl6-toolchain, or something close to that.

Perhaps #perl6 will be for the use of Perl 6, and about modules.


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