I regret to inform you that we currently have that limitation. It's due to a design decision in libuv that we haven't found a good/the perfect work-around for in MoarVM. Instead of getting that error, you used to just get empty results, if I recall correctly.

I haven't taken the time to read through your code yet, but perhaps it'd be feasible to use our async sockets, which all run in the single "asynchronous IO stuff thread" we have.

  - Timo

On 13/01/16 10:00, mt1957 wrote:

I got the following error

'Tried to read() on a socket from outside its originating thread'

This socket is created while in another thread using Promise and the object is retrieved using $promise.result. The weird thing is also that just a few lines before that the same socket is used for writing! This write completed successfully and data is seen traveling using wireshark.

Is there something still unfinished in a thread or is there some status not reset?

Marcel Timmerman

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