I have seen Damian demonstrate how Perl 6 can be the best language for teaching functional, procedural, and object-oriented programming.

On 1/19/2016 10:37 AM, Darren Duncan wrote:
I very much agree with this idea, of arguing Perl 6 as a teaching language. Academia are the ones that would appreciate what Perl 6 offers the most in the short term, whereas industry would demand a higher standard for it becoming popular. And the first can lead to the second. -- Darren Duncan

On 2016-01-19 9:19 AM, Parrot Raiser wrote:
I believe Damian Conway thinks P6 would be a very good CS teaching language.

On 1/19/16, Tom Browder <tom.brow...@gmail.com> wrote:
On Tue, Jan 19, 2016 at 10:18 AM, Steve Mynott <steve.myn...@gmail.com>
I think targeting Perl 6 at CS academic teachers is an excellent idea
as a way of generally promoting use of the language.

But I'd be wary of "bashing" current choices such as Python and don't
believe any objective comparison of the two languages is possible.

Python is in any case derived from ABC which was explicitly designed
for teaching purposes.

I'm not suggesting bashing Python, Steve, I just think some comparison
is necessary.

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