On 20/01/16 15:55, Parrot Raiser wrote:
How difficult is it to port moar-VM to different versions of Linux,
and different processor architectures?

I'm thinking particularly of this machine: http://www.parallella.org/
which has multiple processors, designed, as the name suggests, for
parallel processing. Given Perl 6's native parallel constructs, there
would seem to be some synergy.

I'm not suggesting diverting any developer effort away from the main
jobs at the moment, but an estimate of the effort involved would be a
useful start.

MoarVM already runs pretty much everywhere unless the build system messes up, or our libuv dependency doesn't support the host system.

The only difficult thing is porting the JIT compiler to different architectures, as it has large portions of per-platform assembly language source in it.

Hope that helps?
  - Timo

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