My fellow Perl6ers,

Some of you probably recognize my (nick)name, I've been around for quite a while. These days, however, as you inevitably noticed if you happened to submit a bug or a PR to one of my modules on github, I find myself with less and less tuits for Perl 6 stuff; most of what I wrote for it was solving problems that I needed solved, and since I don't use much Perl 6 these days, I find little incentive to work on stuff I don't really use myself. This hardly matters for stuff like Acme::Meow or Text::T9, but has been a major pain for a while with core toolchain stuff like panda or rakudobrew.

With that in mind, I decided to transfer my modules to people who'll take good care of them. The obvious place for these is, which is where I'll be putting them in some foreseeable future. However, if you'd like to become the new owner of any of my stuff, please contact me either via email, IRC (I'm tadzik, constantly online on freenode) or at if you're into the new exciting IM stuff. I already found a new happy father for JSON::Unmarshal, but I haven't been asking around for the rest of the things, so if you'd like some of this burden-glory hybrid, please get in touch. Bonus points if you've been contributing to any of them before :)

Best regards,

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